Membership Appeals

In accordance with the Fraternity’s National Constitution & Bylaws, individuals who are expelled from Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity who wish to be reinstated must file a Membership Appeal in order to be reconsidered for reinstatement.

Once an appeal has been submitted, a member of the National Staff will be assigned to the case and begin researching membership and financial records before providing the appealing individual with any further requirements to be completed.

In order to have an appeal heard, all necessary steps provided by the National Staff will need to be completed at least 4 weeks before a scheduled National Executive Committee Meeting to allow for the NEC to sufficiently review an appeal before voting to consider reinstatement. Otherwise, the appeal will be heard at the next subsequent meeting.

Membership Appeal Process

  1. Membership Appeal is filed.
  2. The National Headquarters Staff researches your membership history.
  3. The National Headquarters Staff verifies the balance owed.
  4. The National Headquarters Staff informs the appealing member of any balance owed.
  5. Appealing member pays outstanding balances (if applicable)
  6. The staff prepares the appeal for review by the National Executive Committee
  7. National Executive Committee meets to review Membership Appeals
  8. Decisions about Membership Appeals are issued

Please Note: Reinstatement is NOT guaranteed and all money paid to the Chapter and/or to the National Fraternity is non-refundable, regardless of the decision rendered by the National Executive Committee on an appeal.

Membership Appeal Form