Health & Safety

“The type of man you and I are, the personal influence that radiates from our lives, will be the power to make or unmake the men with whom we are now associated or who shall come after us. If we are men of low ideals or no ideals, it is folly to expect much worth from the organization.” -Ossian E. Mills, Founder

The Brothers of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia care about the health and safety of our members, friends, and guest. We know that an environment must be created that encourages individuals to speak up, without hesitation, when they see or hear something that isn’t right. Our Risk Management Policies lay the foundation for risk prevention, and our programming teaches individuals to intervene when necessary. We continue to invest in programs that aid in our efforts to create a safer Sinfonia today for a better tomorrow.


During the Annual Campus Prevention Network Summit, Phi Mu Alpha was recognized as one of only 25 Greek Letter organizations across the country to receive the 2021 CPN Official Seal of Prevention. The CPN Seal represents the highest standard for online prevention education and evaluates recipients with a rigorous set of criteria to ensure a measurable impact across critical areas such as sexual assault, alcohol and drug misuse, mental health, and diversity and inclusion.

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Programs & Initiatives

  • Risk Management Acknowledgement Renewal

    We recognize that hazing is a contradiction to the noble ideals and philosophy of our Brotherhood.  We are committed to fostering personal responsibility in our members to eradicate risky behaviors and activities that could bring harm to us or others. Each academic year, our Brothers re-certify their understanding and commitment to Phi Mu Alpha’s Risk Management Policies.
  • GreekLifeEdu

    GreekLifeEdu is an online course that addresses the critical issues of alcohol awareness, sexual assault, and hazing. We require that all Probationary Members complete this course in order to be eligible for initiation.
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

    This is an innovative digital course that arms students with the knowledge and skills to make healthy, informed decisions when it comes to prescription medications using an evidence-based, population-level approach to prevention.
  • Mental Well-Being for Students

    Mental Well-Being for Students equips undergraduates with essential skills and information to navigate the stressors and emotional challenges associated with college life. This mental health course helps learners practice self-care strategies, recognize when they or their peers are in distress, and take action to find additional support.
  • National Hazing Prevention Week

    When we understand our values and honor our Oath, it becomes clear that we each must stand up, speak out, and put an end to harmful practices. This week is dedicated to bringing to light the problem of hazing in organizations such as athletics, marching band, and Greek life. While National Hazing Prevention Week is only once a year, every Brother and Probationary Member must work to prevent hazing year-round and should have the courage to intervene when they encounter questionable or inappropriate behavior.
  • National Suicide Prevention Week

    According to, suicide is the #2 leading cause of death among college students. During this week, we focus our efforts to bring awareness to mental illness, share strategies for positive mental health, learn to recognize potential signs of crisis, and ways to help those who are struggling.
  • National Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    As men, we must take a stand against sexual harassment and sexual violence, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. We must hold one another accountable for our actions and words. Throughout the month, we share important statistics and resources as a way to bring together our community to raise awareness and prevention.

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