During the Annual Campus Prevention Network Summit, Phi Mu Alpha was recognized as one of only 25 Greek Letter organizations across the country to receive the 2021 CPN Official Seal of Prevention. The CPN Seal represents the highest standard for online prevention education and evaluates recipients with a rigorous set of criteria to ensure a measurable impact across critical areas such as sexual assault, alcohol and drug misuse, mental health, and diversity and inclusion.

“The CPN Seal of Prevention recognizes higher education institutions and organizations for their commitment and investment to not only the academic success of students but also their well-being and experience outside of the classroom – something that today’s students are highly passionate about,” said Vector Solutions CEO Marc Scheipe. “These leading institutions and organizations provide great value to students during their time on campus and beyond, and share in Vector’s commitment to help make college and university communities safer and more inclusive.”

As this recognition reflects, Phi Mu Alpha has prioritized working towards creating a safer and healthier organizational culture for its members and the communities that surround them. We understand that an environment must be created that encourages individuals to speak up, without hesitation, when they see or hear something that isn’t right. While our established policies help lay a foundation for these efforts, programs such as our GreekLifeEdu, AlchoholEdu, and the Mental Well-Being course help teach members valuable lessons that they can apply to their everyday life. 

We believe this continued investment in prevention is central to upholding our mission, honoring our values, and preparing our Brothers for success in all facets of their lives – on campus and beyond.

As our Founder, Ossian Everett Mills, once said, “The type of man you and I are, the personal influence that radiates from our lives, will be the power to make or unmake the men with whom we are now associated or who shall come after us. If we are men of low ideals or no ideals, it is folly to expect much worth from the organization.” 

Thank you to all the Brothers who, through their words and selfless actions, help to make Sinfonia a better place today so that it sees a vibrant and successful tomorrow.

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