This week, thousands of alumni are receiving a special email from Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, welcoming them back to the Fraternity after several years of disconnectedness. The email, which contains a video message from Executive Director Ryan Ripperton, is the first communication some have received from the Fraternity in as many as nine years.

The message is intended for two specific groups of alumni Sinfonians, though all are invited to view the message by clicking the “Click to Play” graphic at right. The two groups of alumni targeted are:

  • Those alumni who were dropped from the magazine mailing list in 1998. At that time, the Fraternity transitioned The Sinfonian to a subscription-based publication due to what was seen as an unsustainable cost. Unfortunately, we failed to adequately notify brothers of this change. As a result, thousands of alumni suddenly stopped hearing from the Fraternity.
  • Those alumni who had moved over the years or whose address had otherwise become undeliverable. Through the recent alumni directory project, over 9,000 alumni who were previously “lost” have been added back to the Fraternity’s active mailing list.

The video announces the mailing of a complimentary issue of The Sinfonian to all alumni, catching them up on nine years of Fraternity news and describing how to stay involved. This issue is being distributed to over 62,000 Sinfonians — almost five times our normal mailing list. The National Executive Committee has been planning this investment for several years in order to bring disconnected alumni “back into the fold.” The magazine is due to arrive in mailboxes in the next two weeks, and we hope that all alumni, especially those who haven’t heard from us in a while, enjoy getting reacquainted with the Fraternity.

Enclosed with each magazine is a subscription card and reply envelope, including an option for either a one-year subscription ($5) or two-years ($10). Alumni can also subscribe online at

Of course, if you enrolled in one of the various forms of life membership through the years (Lifetime, Sustaining, Life Loyal Sinfonian), you need not subscribe, as you are guaranteed to receive the magazine. Collegiate members also need not subscribe (until after graduation), as they will continue to receive current issues through bulk mailing to their current chapters.

Just can’t wait to read the new issue of The SinfonianClick here to read it online, and remember to send us your feedback