Hail, Brothers!

I remain energized from the fellowship with so many enthusiastic Brothers at our National Convention in St. Louis! We had the increasingly rare collective opportunity to experience Brotherhood, create memories, and make beautiful music. The overall goal of this triennium is to build upon that enthusiasm to foster trust, refine our infrastructure, and strengthen our Brotherhood!

I hope that every Brother reading this correspondence is safe, healthy, and well. For those Brothers who are still overcoming COVID or illness after the convention, we wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

I and your newly elected National Executive Committee would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your well-wishes and support. We hit the ground running before we departed from St. Louis and have selected Brother Jesse Reyes as the National Secretary/Treasurer. We have a face-to-face meeting scheduled for the weekend of August 26th at Lyrecrest. I would like to share the NEC’s first priorities for that meeting.

We are proactively reaching out to collegians and alumni within each Province to gain a sense of “where we are” going into this academic year. Understanding that there is a need for regional leadership to assist with formal support and infrastructure, our intention is to appoint and confirm Province Governors and Deputy Province Governors by September 1st.

Many Brothers have been reaching out to offer their experience and service to the Fraternity. There will be a need for many to contribute, and as such, we are asking each Brother willing to serve as a Province Governor or Deputy Province Governor to submit their information at the following link: https://my.sinfonia.org/governor-volunteer/

If you would care to be considered for those specific appointments, please respond by Wednesday, August 24th. Separate submission links for other appointments and committee assignments will follow in the coming weeks. While we cannot guarantee any particular assignment, we will maintain all submissions for the future.

The biggest continual threat to Greek life is risk management and liability, therefore, we will be developing a full-time Director of Risk Management position to be the point of first contact for reporting, investigation, and management.

We will also be working to appoint and announce the Brothers who will serve on the Commission on Standards for this triennium. The COS is vitally important to the operations of the Fraternity on many levels, and we look forward to its work in the days to come. The eventual DRM will work closely with and serve as a liaison between the COS and the Lyrecrest staff.

Please know that this is only the beginning of our journey together as we build a stronger Sinfonia. The NEC is working diligently to address the concerns and business of the Fraternity. This monumental task will require patience and understanding from all Brothers as we proceed.
I hope that every Brother reading these words has a successful beginning to their academic year, Fall Season, and whatever endeavors you’re embarking upon. Again, many thanks to you All for your trust and support.



Kyle C. Coleman, National President
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America
Zeta Iota Chapter – Howard University 1998