From approximately Thursday, December 20 through Monday, December 31 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia was on a major spam blacklist due to an email-sending virus which had infected one of the computers at the National Headquarters. As a result, almost all messages sent from the National Headquarters were bouncing, and there are still some e-mail providers which are experiencing issues receiving email from the Fraternity. 

This problem is clear and easy to detect with messages that are sent by individuals from the National Headquarters, but is more complicated with fraternity listserves and aliases. When members outside the National Headquarters send a message to a listserve, because it is routed through the Lyrecrest mail server it is often blocked. As a result of these bounces some people have even been unsubscribed from the lists they typically subscribe to. 

The Lyrecrest Staff is doing everything they can to correct the issues presented by these e-mail blockages. If it seems that you’ve dropped off of a list, you can re-subscribe using the Listserve Management tool on MyDesktop. Be sure to include the letters “RE” at the end of your name on that form to indicate that you are a re-subscriber.