During the weekend of March 27-29, 2009, Lyrecrest will be installing a new server, upgrading a number of its internal functionalities and dramatically improving the overall stability of the Fraternity’s IT infrastructure. As a result of this upgrade, members will experience several temporary technology outages.

Starting Friday, March 27 (next Friday), email messages to and from National Headquarters Staff members could be delayed. According to the Fraternity’s IT firm, those messages will simply be “held” and delivered once all functionality has been restored. Email messages to and from sinfonia.org email listserves and messages sent using sinfonia.org email aliases (including volunteer email aliases) should maintain full functionality during the outage. The largest effect the outage will have on the members is through the Fraternity’s website, www.sinfonia.org.

The website will be completely down during the time of the upgrade. This outage is expected to begin the afternoon of Friday, March 27, and last through Sunday, March 29. Additionally, there is a chance that some website applications may experience extended downtime after the primary outage. The National Headquarters Staff is currently working to identify those applications which may experience problems and is developing solutions to those issues so as to restore all applications as quickly as possible after the outage.

Members wishing to use the website for membership and reporting functions (such as probationary member registration and initiation reporting) are strongly encouraged to do that work prior to the time of the outage.

The Headquarters hopes to have as much functionality restored as possible by Monday, March 30, and will provide updates as necessary. Questions about this upcoming outage should be directed to Jeremy Evans, assistant executive director, at evans@sinfonia.org.