The first shipment of new pins arrived at the National Headquarters this morning. This shipment, which contained 88 pins, is expected to be followed by a second shipment containing over 500 pins within the next few days. The remainder of the pins are expected within a couple of weeks.

Backorders will be filled chronologically; those who have been waiting the longest will be filled first. We expect that all new brothers missing their pins will have them by the end of the current academic term.

The National Headquarters staff is very pleased with the quality of the new pins. The construction is solid, the materials are high in quality, and the new die more closely matches the historic die currently used by Herff Jones, the jeweler that manufactures the “upgrade” pins. Overall, we believe the membership will be very satisfied with the new product and will recognize the significant increase in quality from the previous version.

Again, we apologize for the lengthy delay and the difficulties experienced as a result. Of course, we will continue to keep everyone apprised of further developments, including the arrival of further shipments of pins.