As of 8:00am CDT on Friday, April 24, Lyrecrest’s computer systems have been fully restored. On Friday, April 17, Lyrecrest’s primary server experienced a severe hardware failure, limiting Lyrecrest Staff access to vital functions including the Fraternity’s membership database, the Fraternity’s file server and email.

Any email sent to the staff between Thursday, April 17 at 11pm and Monday, April 20 at 5pm has been lost due to inbox corruption caused by the hardware failure and should be sent again. All other mail has been in holding during the outage and is now being delivered, but if in doubt, members who’ve sent requests but not received responses should send those messages again.

During the outage, listserves (e.g. the Sinfonia Discussion Group, volunteer listserves, and chapter and province listserves) should have experienced no significant outages. Any members having any problems with these listserves should contact

We apologize for this outage. The National Headquarters Staff is currently working diligently to fulfill requests which have been on hold since the technology outage. The staff appreciates everyone’s patience during the outage, and asks for continuing patience in the coming days as the staff works to catchup on this week’s worth of requests.