At their recent conference call meeting, the National Executive Committee approved a plan to distribute a full set of Ritual books to each chapter. These Ritual book sets will be shipped from the National Headquarters in early October and should arrive at chapters in mid-October. 

This set of books is to be used to set up a chapter library of Ritual books, maintained by the chapter’s Warden, and reviewed by the Province Governor during official visits. Including in the mailing will be a copy of the Guide to Warden’s Duties. This guide outlines a system for the maintenance of a library system, including a check-out/check-in system for use by the chapters.

Each chapter will receive a set of fifteen regular Ritual books and two accompanist’s Ritual books. This set will provide one copy for study purposes for each person participating in the Ritual and will be sufficient to cover all needs during the presentation of the Ritual. Chapters should not need to purchase additional copies.

Ritual books will also be available for purchase by individual members through the Sinfonia Store in mid-October.