Each year the Fraternity presents awards to deserving members for a number of reasons. Many are the brothers who contribute either directly to Sinfonia, or indirectly by furthering our ideals and goals through their lives and endeavors. 

The Signature Sinfonian award recognizes alumni members who have achieved a high standard of accomplishment in their field or profession, thereby bringing honor to Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Alumni in any profession, occupation or service work are eligible for nomination. Some of the most recognized and accomplished Sinfonians in their field have received this award, including Vic Firth, Andy Griffith, Maynard Ferguson, Jamie Aebersold, Frank Ticheli, and many more. 

The Volunteer of the Year award recognizes those who have selflessly given of themselves in their role with the Fraternity, in the furtherance of our Object. 

Neither of these awards would be possible if other Sinfonians did not take the time to nominate deserving brothers. We’re asking all brothers to carefully consider the brothers you have known personally or heard of professionally and to nominate those whose accomplishments and effort merit such recognition. 

Together, we can bring both honor to Sinfonia and recognition to deserving brothers. 


The applications for the award must be sent by April 1, 2014

To print the Signature Sinfonian Award Application, click here. 
To print a copy of the Volunteer of the Year Application Form, click here.
And to view the current and past recipients of the Signature Sinfonian award, click here. 

Please contact us at the headquarters with any additional questions.