Important Notice

The National Executive Committee voted to increase the costs of the Fraternity’s initiation packages at its October 25 -28, 2018 meeting at the National Headquarters in Evansville, Indiana. In recognition of supplier price increases for initiation materials over the past few years and after a comprehensive review of current costs and scheduled price increases, the National Executive Committee voted to increase the initiation materials fee by $10, effective August 1, 2019.

The materials fee covers the cost of a membership certificate, membership card, songbook, governing documents, and official membership pin.

The Materials Fee is separate from the Initiation Fee of $100.

The table below outlines this increase and shows the new cost of initiation packages. Please ensure that your recruitment materials are updated accordingly, and you advise all prospective new members of the Initiation costs, and also the annual costs of membership they will be asked to pay.

Initiation Costs Overview

  New Total Cost Initiation Fee New Materials Fee Old Materials Fee
Basic Package $160 $100 $60 $50
Upgrade #1 Package $235 $100 $135 $125
Upgrade #2 Package $320 $100 $220 $210