The National Headquarters was notified this morning of an additional month delay in receiving the long-awaited shipment of new membership pins. New pins are now expected in by the end of March and will be distributed immediately upon receipt to all chapters whose new brothers are missing their pins. To date, over 1,000 new brothers have been affected by this backorder.

On January 8, we announced our expectation that new membership pins would arrive at the National Headquarters in February. Unfortunately, the Fraternity’s supplier has just notified us that it will be unable to meet this timeline due to the factory’s rejection of some defective materials.

The National Headquarters staff sincerely regrets this continued delay. After speaking with the supplier, we are confident that this latest delay is a one-time issue caused by the transition to the new U.S. factory from the previous Chinese facility. Additionally, the sample pins we have received are of significantly improved quality over the previous pins – the photo at right is a sample from the new facility. We are hopeful that when this issue is finally resolved, the membership will be pleased with the result.

We apologize again to our new brothers and assure everyone that we are doing everything we can to deliver pins as soon as possible.