At their most recent meeting, the National Executive Committee ratified the appointments National President John Mongiovi made for committees for the 2012-2015 triennium. Below, you can review a list of these committees, their appointees and each committee’s charge. This list is not complete – later in the triennium, a legislative committee and nominating committee will be appointed. Other committees and task forces may be appointed by the National President as the triennium progresses.

At an earlier meeting, the NEC ratified President Mongiovi’s selections for the Commission on Standards – that committee is also listed below.

Please join us in welcoming these brothers!

Alumni Engagement Committee:
Kenneth Tice (Chairman), Zeta Psi (East Carolina) ’00

T.J. Cox, Delta Tau (Oklahoma State) ’99
Chase Giddings, Zeta Mu (Sam Houston State) ’10
Anderson Harrison III, Mu (Oklahoma) ’07
Joe Ritchie (NEC) Zeta Tau (IUP) ’87

Committee Goals

  1. Develop an Alumni Relations Officer Guide & materials for a standard presentation/training module. Develop a Province Alumni Coordinator Guide & materials for a standard presentation/training module.
  2. To strengthen alumni associations operations, revise the Alumni Association Manual to help with operations and activities and develop materials for an Alumni Associations operations standard presentation/training module.
  3. To strengthen alumni associations� activities, revise the Alumni Association Manual to include specific, step-by-step guidance in holding a range of activities, with priority on:
    1. Resources to help alumni associations host alumni nights out at community music events, in support of local arts organizations.
    2. Resources to help and encourage chapters to provide escorts for shut-in brothers to attend recitals, concerts and alumni events.
  4. Provide direct mentorship to alumni associations (assigning AEC members to associations).
  5. Compile research on regional and national alumni activities held by other fraternities.

Archives Task Force:
Jacob Ineichen (Chairman), Xi Omicron (Wisconsin-Stevens Point) ’07
Britton Ozburn, Kappa Gamma (Berry) ’04
Joe Stein, Xi Omicron (Wisconsin-Stevens Point) ’06

Committee Goals

  1. Attend and manage an archives work weekend to convert to digital form all publications that have not been digitized, with the eventual goal of making all archives available on our website by 2015.
  2. Develop a library filing system for the national archives.
  3. Perform data input to convert the current database to a more useable format that will be compatible with keyword searching when archives are online.

Awards Committee:
John Israel (Chairman/NEC), Pi Zeta (Lindenwood) ’01
Richard Crosby, Eta-Omicron (Cincinnati) ’75
Joe Ritchie

Committee Goals

  1. Receive nominations for national awards and present recommendations to the NEC with accompanying materials, as required by the Guide to Awards.

Chapter Operations Committee:
Karl Schosser (Chairman), Nu Lambda (Texas-El Paso) ’87
Russell Brown, Beta Lambda (Muskingum) ’00
J. D. Cain, Xi Nu (Stetson) ’03
Scott Irlbacher, Lambda Gamma (Edinboro Univ. of PA) ’00
Michael Nay, Upsilon Chi (Northwest Missouri State) ’08
Erick Reid (NEC), Rho Mu (Norfolk State) ’08
Drew Sheehy, Xi Delta (Nevada) ’10
Shane Thomas, Xi Nu (Stetson) ’08

Committee Goals

  1. Complete the FAQ addressing common areas of confusion in routine operations.
  2. Create an online training module for chapter officers (beginning with Chapter President).
  3. Develop a plan for Chapter presidents and FEOs to demonstrate proficiency.
  4. Create a resource to assist in the transfer of information and records to incoming officers.

Commission on Standards:
Ashley Glenn, Theta Omicron (Tennessee) ’95
Joshua Smialek, Beta Omega (Louisiana State) ’07
Nathan Schulte, Iota Alpha (Alma) ’07
Jesse Reyes, Omicron Pi (Cal State Fullerton) ’05
Matthew Koperniak, Epsilon Lambda (Georgia) ’99
Erick Reid (NEC)

Committee Goals

  1. The Commission on Standards shall be a standing committee devoted to the development and welfare of chapters and colonies. It shall establish and review colony program requirements, approve colony applications, and monitor colony progress.
  2. In consultation with the Province Governor, the Commission on Standards shall have the authority to place a chapter on reorganizational status or inactive status. It may develop operational or procedural standards for chapters and colonies for possible adoption by the National Fraternity. It may suspend or expel individual members in accordance with Article II, Section Thirteen.

Fraternity Education Resource Task Force:
John Mongiovi (Chairman/NEC), Upsilon Psi (South Florida) ’94
Mike DiMaso, Iota (Northwestern) ’08
Andrew Owen, Theta Upsilon (Delta State) ’06
Ryan Smallwood, Tau (Kansas State) ’08

Committee Goals

  1. Develop resources for post-initiation education covering the Fraternity�s history, Object, and Ritual.

Governing Structure Task Force:
Mark Lichtenberg (Chairman/NEC), Delta Nu (Bradley) ’93
David Fidler II, Delta Lambda (Ball State) ’95
Dean Shatley, Rho Tau (Appalachian State) ’93
John Israel

Committee Goals

  1. Investigate the legislative and budgetary impacts of a system whereby the National Assembly votes on the National Constitution and Province Bylaws, collegiate chapters vote on the Chapter Bylaws with National Assembly ratification, and alumni associations vote on the Alumni Association Bylaws with National Assembly ratification.
  2. Investigate the legislative and budgetary impacts and potential timeline for implementing such a system with voting of Chapter and Alumni delegations to take place annually, possibly in conjunction with the Leadership Institute/summer event.

Mills Music Mission Committee:
Ace Gangoso (Chairman), Kappa Iota (Central Arkansas) ’06
Mark Lichtenberg (NEC)
Brian Stratton, Delta Omega (Southeastern Louisiana) ’79

Committee Goals

  1. Develop an online library of appropriate music for use in the MMM.
  2. Increase the quality and effectiveness of the Ossian Everett Mills Music Mission (MMM).

Music Advocacy Committee:
John Brian Heath (Chairman), Zeta Psi (East Carolina) ’89
Rashad Anderson, Nu Iota (South Carolina State) ’09
Kyle Coleman, Zeta Iota (Howard) ’98
Michael Jenkins, Zeta Psi (East Carolina) ’07
Christopher Sexton, Nu Psi (Shenandoah) ’95
Ian Shoulders (NEC), Kappa Zeta (West Virginia Wesleyan) ’07
Keith Wilfinger, Rho Omicron (George Mason) ’09

Committee Goals

  1. Develop resources to facilitate music advocacy to local and state legislators.
  2. Develop resources to facilitate participation in existing national music advocacy/support programs.
  3. Develop resources to facilitate service in local school music programs.

Probationary Membership Committee:
Tony Cowan (Chairman), Lambda Omicron (West Alabama) ’92
Jay Horn, Mu (Oklahoma) ’09
Lance Holman, Iota Nu (Troy) ’06
Jared Ivory, Zeta Iota (Howard) ’01
Daniel MacNamara, Epsilon Lambda (Georgia) ’07
John Mongiovi (NEC)

Committee Goals

  1. Develop resources to help chapters implement the recommended probationary member education program.
  2. Develop resources to facilitate chapter PM program development and documentation and Province Governor evaluation.
  3. Compile, develop and promote best practices for probationary member education, in particular activities for color nights, with the goal of providing a bank of high-quality probationary membership program activities.
  4. Revise the fraternity education manual (Guide to Membership Development).