Thank you to all the Brothers, Probationary Members, and friends of Sinfonia who participated in this Spring’s National Mills Music Mission Week!

Annually, the outreach efforts of Phi Mu Alpha’s National Philanthropy, the Mills Music Mission, culminate with the celebration of a national week of philanthropy during the days leading up to Easter. This is in accordance with the dates of our Founder, Ossian Everett Mills’ original Flower Mission, that took place in the city of Boston’s hospitals throughout the late 1800s and well into the next century. At the time of its origin, Mills’ Flower Mission was known as one of the most generous and beautiful Easter charities and was awaited in the hospitals with much expectancy each year.

During the early months of 2019 and throughout this Spring’s National Mills Music Mission Week, the Fraternity has seen some of the most astounding philanthropic participation from Brothers across the nation. When Brothers report their Mills Music Missions, we can begin to see a clear picture of the difference the Fraternity is making across the country.

Below is a recap of the Fraternity’s reported outreach for Spring 2019.

Spring 2019 Impact

(January 1, 2019 – April 20, 2019)

Over 2,000 Residents, Patients, Etc. Affected
1078 Brothers Participated
205 Probationary Members Participated
73 Non-Sinfonians Participated
Nearly 447 Flowers Given
58 Hours of Music*

*Does not include time spent rehearsing

I spoke to a woman whose husband directed the Employee’s Chorus at Boeing for 35 years. She spoke so sweetly of him, of the music he loved to make, and of how kind he was to her. She told me of how much she missed him since having been admitted to Corn Heritage Village, and how much that longing was alleviated by the music we made for her that day.
Ethan Mazzio

Participating Chapters, Alumni Associations, & Provinces

We cannot hope to make a real change without the community effort of every Sinfonian. It is through the actions of our Brothers that the power of music changes the world and uplifts spirits. Every moment we share in goodwill and song with another creates joy in the most surprising places. We would like to recognize the following groups for their outreach efforts through the way of the Mills Music Mission, but most importantly for making music that makes a difference. 

If your Chapter, Alumni Association, or Province went on a Mills Music Mission this spring, and your group is not listed below, be sure to share your experience by submitting a MMM Report!

Alpha Iota – The University of Texas at Austin
Alpha Sigma – Butler University
Beta Omicron – Mansfield University
Beta Xi – The Ohio State University
Delta Iota – Western Michigan University
Delta Lambda – Ball State University
Delta Omega – Southeastern Louisiana
Delta Pi – University of Redlands
Delta Sigma – University of South Carolina
Delta Zeta – Oklahoma City University
Epsilon Gamma – Uni. of Central Missouri
Epsilon Iota – Florida State University
Epsilon Omicron – San Diego State
Epsilon Pi – Hartwick College
Gamma Alpha – James Madison University
Gamma Epsilon – Michigan State University
Iota – Northwestern University
Kappa Chi – Del Mar College
Kappa Eta – Arkansas Tech

Kappa Omicron – CSU – Long Beach
Lambda Beta – Susquehanna University 
Lambda Nu – The College of New Jersey
Lambda Sigma – East Tennessee State
Mu Xi – Stephen F. Austin State
Nu Eta – Uni. of Texas at San Antonio
Nu Gamma – Missouri Western State
Nu Iota – South Carolina State University
Nu Zeta – CSU – Stanislaus
Omicron Nu – Christopher Newport Uni.
Omicron Omega – Arkansas State Uni.
Omicron Phi – University of Alabama
Omicron Rho – CSU – Fullerton
Pi Chi – Texas A&M – Kingsville
Pi Delta – Vanderbilt University
Pi Zeta – Lindenwood University
Rho Epsilon – Texas A&M – Corpus Christi
Rho Omega – Virginia Commonwealth Uni.
Rho Tau – Appalachian State University

Rho Upsilon – Temple University
Sigma Lambda – Moravian College
Tau – Kansas State University
Tau Phi – Southwestern Oklahoma State
Theta – Syracuse University
Theta Iota – SUNY – Potsdam
Upsilon Chi – Northwestern Missouri State
Upsilon Psi – University of South Florida
Theta Eta – Wright State University
Xi Mu – University of Delaware
Philadelphia Area Alumni Association
Province 8
Province 30
Province 35
Province 40

The Mills Music Mission Impact Map

As Brothers report their Mills Music Mission experiences, they are displayed on the Mills Music Mission Impact Map. The map is a look at the impact of the Fraternity’s philanthropic efforts across the country.

The map located on the right is a glance at the impact of Mills Music Mission efforts across the country. Click on a map marker for a closer look at where the Brothers have visited and made a difference in the lives of others.

All listed Mills Music Missions are those reported to National Headquarters.