The Red and Black Brass Band continues to make waves in St. Louis and across social media as they bring the power of music to the streets at a time when it is needed most.

In recent weeks, the Brothers in the band were featured on Nine Network of Public Media and even the PBS News Hour. It seems like the fans and neighbors alike simply cannot get enough of the group as they parade down the streets of local neighborhoods. Wherever the band goes, they leave behind a wake of smiles, joy, and a moment of relief from the stresses of today’s world.

These Brothers are wonderful representatives of what it means to be a Sinfonian. We are very proud of them for their clear demonstration of our values and for putting the Fraternity’s Object into action. Keep on playing, Brothers!

The Red and Black Brass Band


Benjamin Kosberg- Bass Horn – Xi Tau (2010)
Dominique Burton- Trombone – Omicron Zeta (2018)
DeRochelle Coleman -Tenor Sax – Mu Psi (1996)
Walter Beckham- Trumpet – Mu Psi (1998)
Justin Spencer- Snare – Pi Nu (2012)
Adam Kosberg- Trombone – Beta Theta (2006)
Lionel White – Bass Drum – Mu Psi (2004)
G. Ravie Buckner Jr.- Trumpet – Mu Psi (2004)